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Welcome to Heathrow Chaplaincy 

The Heathrow Multi Faith Chaplaincy team has Chaplains representing the six main world religions: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim & Sikh. Chaplains have been on site at Heathrow for over fifty years, providing spiritual, emotional and practical care for Heathrow’s many workers and passengers: those of all faiths and none.


About Us - What we do

  • Provide care and support for passengers and staff

  • Work with airport management for the good of the airport and its communities

  • Provide faith specific activities for staff and passengers

  • Take Colleague Memorial services either in St George’s Chapel or the Garden of Remembrance

  • Provide on-line faith specific short talks on subjects like coping with anxiety, loss, peace and purpose


Prayer Rooms

9 Prayer Rooms Open, see latest update below

Heathrow Airport provides Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms in each of the terminals to enable people of all faiths to find a quiet retreat for prayer and meditation.

How to Find Us
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